Handfasting signifies a couple coming together , couples are united as they “Tie the Knot” in the tradition of Celtic Handfasting. Whatever it’s original intention has now become a popular new tradition for those seeking a new and spiritual way to honour their love



Full Celtic Handfastings

These are usually carried out in a sacred place outdoors.ie Stone Circles. The calling on the four quarters and earth elements is a significant part of the ceremony.

Handfasting as part of a traditional Wedding Ceremony.
Following the legal vows and exchange of rings, or at the start of the evening celebrations before the first dance.

Alternatively a ceremony can be held at a later date when family and friends gather to further celebrate your union in marriage.
However Handfasting can be performed regardless of whether the couple are married or not often used to celebrate an engagement or to demonstrate a couples commitment and continuing love to each other on a special anniversary.


History of Handfasting

The term Handfasting is taken from Old Norse “hand-festa” meaning “to strike a bargain by joining hands”. Handfasting was commonly the way that couples were “officially” married in ancient Britain before the church became involved in wedding ceremonies and is mentioned in ancient Celtic legends. It was also originally practiced by the Greeks and Romans. The Romans created a garland made of magnolia, elder and roses which was then wrapped around the couple’s wrists to signify love and fidelity. Variations on the theme have since been used in other countries as well. Handfasting rituals in ancient Europe symbolised the betrothal of a couple (temporary or permanent) and involved the lightly tying together of the couple’s hands with a cord, ribbon or vine. The ceremony was especially common in Ireland and Scotland.
Handfasting has seen a modern day resurgence owing in part to the movie Braveheart, in which William Wallace and his girlfriend Murron are joined together with a handfasting ceremony.

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